Hi, I'm Alan. foo(book) is something I cobbled together to keep my little scraps of code organized.

I've found that most coders have a folder on their computer called /scripts/, or something similarly poorly organized, which contains little pieces of code they might someday like to reuse. For example, a few weeks before this writing I wrote about two dozen lines of python to find and replace redirected links on a website I run.

"To write a really good [program] from scratch would take a long time, but he puts one together in several hours by recycling bits and pieces of old projects left behind in his computer. Which is how hackers usually do it."

--Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

In the future, I will almost certainly need to search a database, or extract links, or find and replace something else, so I keep the script around as a future jumping-off point.

foo(book) helps me to save, tag and organize what I call "scraps" of code. They're easy to download, export, subscribe to and all that.

Other users can add them to their favorites, keeping them organized for their own reuse.

I have no intention of ever charging for this, though there's likely to be some minimal, unobtrusive ads that don't move or blink or anything stupid like that. I promise they'll always be safe for work, so I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd disable AdBlock et al to help me out a little bit.

Many thanks,