More bugs fixed

Posted 6:01 p.m. Jan. 15 by alan

Hi everyone--

Bugs caused by my own stupidity

  • Issue causing scraps matching several short (common!) words like 'test' and 'echo' caused 500 errors. This was caused by something totally obvious that I missed due to my own idiocy. My temporary workaround was even dumber-- sorry about that. You can safely name scraps anything you want without error.

  • Version control is coming soon. Actually, your scraps are already being quietly revision controlled, but I haven't gotten around to exposing this feature in a useful way yet.


jwodder says:

Speaking of stupid bugs, the "Scraps" link at the top of the page now goes to /{user}/scraps/xml/ instead of /{user}/scraps/. Also, no pressure, but I've started collecting a list of bugs & suggestions in a scrap at

12 years, 5 months ago