Why foo(book)?

Mostly because the domain was available. foo is an all-purpose variable name.

Why can't I mark code private or proprietary?

foo(book) is meant to be a searchable archive of small bits of code suitable for use by anyone.

How was foo(book) built?

A great deal of credit is owed to Django, Pygments and Haystack. The site is a personal project of C. Alan Zoppa.

Who's that?

A web developer and Pythonista in but not of Buffalo, New York. Hi.

This site looks terrible in Microsoft Internet Explorer

I know, everything does. Please let me know if anything doesn't work in IE7+.

This site is ugly or broken in recent versions of Firefox or Chrome

Please let me know let me know immediately.

Why does the site switch layouts occasionally?

Anything associated with your scraps has a flexible layout. This, obviously, lets you keep your scraps at any width you want without forcing line breaks. Also, sometimes it's helpful to have a few things open at once. As a general rule, foo(book) tries to make as few choices for you as possible without being annoying.